About the Academy

The Mona Cut Academy™ builds hair stylists’ knowledge and skills to confidently cut curls, coils, and waves.

Curly hair is like a bouquet of flowers; each curl lifting up and out into space. Depending on the hair’s characteristics, placement, and the end goal, stylists learn how to construct iconic silhouettes on a variety of textures and curl patterns. 

Historically, the industry’s straight-centric beauty standards have muted the voices of curly-haired clients, leaving them with limited choices. The Mona Cut Academy™ is expanding curly clients’ options by providing curl education that trains stylists to see the immense beauty and possibilities of curly, coily, and wavy hair. 

About Mona

Mona Baltazar, originally from Ilocos Norte, Philippines, has more than 20 years in the hair industry. Her deep respect for curly hair, her clients, and the need for advanced curly cutting education pushed her to launch The Mona Cut Academy™. 

Through her courses, Mona shares her critical eye for designing shapes that fit curl characteristics and allow the best to emerge from her clients -  a sense of confidence, boldness, and fun. Mona believes that with proper training, all stylists can use her unique approach to curl cutting which treats each wave, curl, and coil like a flower – to be cut and arranged into a beautiful silhouette.

Why Become
the Mona Cut Certified

  • Grow your Client-Base – Capture new curly-haired clients looking for stylists to fulfill their hair care needs.
  • Join The Mona Cut Academy™ Directory – Get added to The Mona Cut Academy™ Directory, where curly clients can find you.
  • Add High-Value Services to your Offerings – Increase revenue by adding in-demand curl cutting services that drive better margins.
  • Attract Loyal Clientele – Proper execution and clear communication creates loyal clients and a community that generates referrals.  We’ll teach you both.
  • Stand Out from the Rest – Set yourself apart from stylists offering traditional shapes by learning all five of The Mona Cut Academy’s iconic silhouettes.
  • Create your Vision - With The Mona Cut Academy™ certified stylists develop a creative portfolio that can be used to market their business. A beautiful space in New York City, photographer, and artistic direction support is offered to capture inspiring images of your new skillset.
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