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Creating Silhouettes & Moving Shapes®
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What is the Mona Cut Academy™?

The Mona Cut Academy teaches licensed hair professionals how to cut curls, coils, and waves and create silhouettes and moving shapes. See all curls as a bouquet of delicate blooms, and with your shears, blossom your clients into the full range of their beauty.


Da Foundation

Discover the different curls, coils, and waves you may encounter and how to achieve a finish that's ready to be artfully arranged and cut. This course is required before taking an icon course.



The most versatile of all the icons – and inspired by The Mona Cut logo - this shape creates volume at the top through angles, providing an overall heart- (softer) or diamond (sharper) shape.  This icon brings harmony to hair with varying lengths allowing a client to retain length while transitioning into a healthy curl journey. Fringe enhances the versatility of this icon’s styling options.



This icon provides edgy options for longer-haired curly clients. This lean shape, characterized by drastically shorter layers at the top that transition into long layers at the bottom, creates a square-like impression – an effortless curly shag.



The most dramatic of all the icons – it transforms the lifeless “triangle” shape, feared by many curly-haired clients, into an updated bob. A strong weight line is this icon’s defining feature. Offer different versions of this silhouette by varying the length or adding fringe.


DA calla

This icon is an adjusted curly pixie – a taper transitions into longer lengths at the top creating a bell-like shape that draws the eye to the face. This unapologetic silhouette awakens confidence.


Da Chrys

This icon provides an ethereal feel, with the focal point being a halo-like burst of volume around the head. This soft circular shape is visually appealing for its balance.


the mona cut Academy™ certified

The Mona Cut Academy™ courses are available to licensed cosmetologists, stylists, and barbers who have worked independently for at least two years and are interested in washing, styling, and cutting a variety of curly hair. Previous experience with curly hair is not required.

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